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Welcome to First Playthings!

Whether you're a parent, a professional carer or looking for a gift for a special little person in your life, we hope you'll find something to stimulate your interest. At First Playthings we'll be sharing some of the inspiration we've gathered along the way. We have handmade Playthings alongside other items that are hard to find on the high street - not always what you'd think of as 'toys' but great Playthings never-the-less.

We'll share some of the every day objects that children love and some ideas that will help you and yours to find your way to joy and happiness in play every day.

 We've been working alongside children for many years now so we should know which Playthings young children really get into! Take a good look and set your imagination free...

And do keep coming back. We'll be adding new lines as they come in. 

Baby's First Playthings

Wood Is Good