Joy & Happiness in Play Every Day
Joy & Happiness in Play Every Day
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Welcome to our place...

The choice of toys on the market today is bigger than it's ever been, so what makes us think we have anything new to offer? Why shop here?

At First Playthings, we understand that even at three months, an infant is interested in objects he can see, hold onto and manipulate. He's starting to make sense of his surroundings and we can help you to help him do just that.

Inspired by the Pikler Approach, we offer open-ended Playthings - objects that can be manipulated in different ways - stacked, sorted, rolled, banged - open to interpretation and the wonderful world of your child's imagination.

At a time when it is too easy to feel overwhelmed by overstimulating, noise-creating toys, you can trust First Playthings to provide you with exclusive handmade toys and items not easily found on the high street, providing you with the opportunity to create an oasis of calm and simplicity in your home or nursery.

Our Playthings can be used in many ways and, as imagination develops, as many things.

Whether you're a parent, a professional carer or looking for a gift for a special little person in your life, we know you'll find something you'll love right here.

Parent-Child Groups

First Playtime Classes are for parents and their children aged between 9 and two and a half years (approx). It is a model firmly based on that offered by the pedagogues at The Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary. 

The groups are based in West Berkshire. Go to the Classes page for more details of venues and availability...